The Vision

Alpha with Angela is a free biblical Greek course on YouTube, recently launched as a sister channel to Aleph with Beth, a free biblical Hebrew course. The heart of this project is to make biblical Greek learning free and readily accessible to Bible translators around the world, the majority of which have little or no access to the original languages. The accessible nature of this course will also benefit the Global Church, such as pastors, teachers and students or anyone interested in learning biblical Greek. The lessons are designed to be fun and engaging, and even children can enjoy learning Greek. In fact, we encourage children to learn since they will be our next generation of Bible translators. 

Biblical (or Koine) Greek, a language no-longer spoken, is taught here as though it were still spoken—as a living language. Students are immersed in biblical Greek right from the beginning, since only Greek is used for instruction. The oral, interactive method used in these lessons is a natural and effective way of learning, and works best for oral cultures. Since two-thirds of the world is made up of oral cultures, we want to teach Greek in a way that serves them. The beauty of this method is that students don’t have to understand English, which makes the lessons accessible to people from any language background. And no textbook is necessary. Students can learn at their own pace, and enjoy it! In addition to the YouTube lessons, we plan to provide other resources, such as grammar notes and quizzes, that accompany these lessons. The goal is to translate these resources into the world’s gateway languages. The lessons are published under a Creative Commons license so that translators or instructors in remote areas can easily and freely download and distribute them without asking permission.  

Please share this resource far and wide and help us to get it to those who need it.

About Angela

Since childhood, Angela has had a love for the Bible, a desire to learn Hebrew and a heart for the nations.  She studied medical science at WITS University (BSc-Hons) and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (PhD), where she learnt to speak modern Hebrew.  She later studied Biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek at Polis, the Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities where she learnt to speak these ancient, no-longer spoken languages.

She recently became a member of Wycliffe South Africa, who have seconded her to SIL International as a Biblical Researcher in the Translation Resources team, who provide tools, training and mentoring related to the biblical languages and translation guidance for the global Bible Translation Movement.  SIL is one of Wycliffe South Africa’s major partners in realising the vision to see God’s Word alive in every language.

Some interesting facts about Angela: she lived in Israel for 15 years, was a personal fitness trainer for 6 years and finished Ironman South Africa twice.

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