I thank my God...
because of your partnership in the gospel.

Your gift can help cover the cost of producing hundreds of high-quality training videos in years to come, which will remain FREE & available FOREVER to the global Church.

I'm so grateful to have you partner with me financially in any of the following ways:

Wycliffe Bible Translators

I’m a member of Wycliffe South Africa, but you may be able to give through the local Wycliffe office in your country by calling them and asking if it’s possible to give through my household number: “Angela Taylor, ID: 200283.” If there’s a problem, please let me know so that I can make the necessary arrangements. Please send a proof of payment to alphawithangela@gmail.com so that I can track the payment and make sure it gets to me. Unless you want to remain anonymous, please include your name and email so that I can acknowledge your gift and thank you. If you do not want you full name in the video credits, please let me know.

Wycliffe USA:  There are several ways to give through Wycliffe USA:

  1. Online, click here. (Make sure to specify that the gift is for “Angela Taylor, ID: 200283.“)
  2. Phone: 1-800-992-5433 or 407-852-3600
  3. Mail: Wycliffe Bible Translators
    P.O. Box 628200
    Orlando, FL 32862
    Please include a note stating “for the ministry of “Angela Taylor, ID: 200283.”

Wycliffe UK:

Select ‘People’ and add “Angela Taylor, ID: 200283.”  Please let me know if you give through Wycliffe UK by writing to alphawithangela@gmail.com

Wycliffe Germany:

You can give through their website, add a note that the gift is for “Angela Taylor, ID: 200283.”

Wycliffe Australia:

You can give to me through Wycliffe Australia, but not through their website because I’m not a member with them.  Please call the financial office at 03 9712 2711 and ask to donate to “Angela Taylor, ID: 200283”, who is a member of Wycliffe South Africa.

Wycliffe South Africa: (EFT within South Africa only)

          Account Name: Wycliffe South Africa
          Bank: Standard Bank
          Type: Cheque Account
          Account Number: 20263309
          Branch Code: 002442
          Reference: Your Full Name / Angela Taylor, ID: 200283
          Proof of Payment: finance@wycliffe.org.za, (CC:  alphawithangela@gmail.com)

Wycliffe in other countries:

For giving through Wycliffe in countries not listed above, please call your local Wycliffe office and ask if it is possible to give through my household number,  “Angela Taylor, ID: 200283.”  If there is no Wycliffe entity in your country please contact me at: alphawithangela@gmail.com 


Give a monthly subscription through Patreon if you find this platform more convenient. 

If you have any questions about giving please contact:
+1 (817) 835-3173